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From Warlock Home Video comes....Die-B-Que!

Every now and then, a film such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is branded as an ultra-violent bloodbath, despite the fact that the film is actually nearly bloodless (I am of course speaking of the original, not he '03 redux!).  Sometimes a film manages to ratchet the tension and does such a fantastic job of allowing the audience to imagine the horror for themselves that, after viewing the film, it will seem much more violent and harrowing than what was physically depicted on screen.

Die-B-Que claims that it has been called "!The Most Brutal Film Of All Time!".
Is it?
Does it, like TCM, create such an intense experience that it seems more violent?
Nope.  Not even remotely.

The Warlock welcomes you
But you know what?  That is what I love about it.  Warlock perfectly emulates the over-hyped plot synopses that were found on the back of many a VHS box in Mom & Pop video shops around the world.  Low budget movies, especially a lot of the SOV films would hype themselves up with fantastic artwork and overblown plot synopses on the back of the box.  Using phrases like "Many have called this movie...." and "See the film many are saying....." allows the film makers to lay claim to hyperbole such as being "The Most Brutal Film Of  All Time" without actually having to worry about quoting someone.  Quite clever actually.

Lance is ready to Par-TAY!
So what is Die-B-Que?  It's a 35 minute romp of retro fun that, at times, really captures the 80's SOV feel of films such as Cannibal Campout, Video Violence or any number of films by the Polonia Bros.  Being a fan of DIY cinema, I had a lot of fun with this film.  I do have one minor complaint and it is this:  Warlock does a fantastic job of trying to emulate the entire 80's SOV experience.  At the same time, it IS also a satire of the sub-genre and that is fine, but this is where my complaint comes in.  At times, the actors try a little too hard to make it seem amateur and the line delivery is overblown.  Also the characterizations tend to be a tad overtly stereotypical.  Now, again, these are meant to be homages and love letters to the camcorder days of backyard horror, but at the same time they're poking fun at them and I get that.  Sometimes, however, I found myself wishing that it was really a straight laced attempt at emulation.
Hey Dudes!  Welcome to the BBQ!
So having said that, I suppose you would like to know what it's about!

Just.  Ridiculous.

"Okay seriously...this happened to a friend"
Brody and his girlfriend Moon Beam go to a BBQ thrown by Brody's friends DJ and Rick.  They are joined by their friend Lance and Axe, a girl that he met the night before.  Apparently the BBQ is a two day event.  The first day most of them sit around drinking and playing Suits while Moon Beam and Brody have one of the most hilarious love scenes ever committed to videotape.  I can never listen to Aaron Neville again with a straight face.  They tell some ghost stories and then call it a night.

Carlos Spiceyweirner?
Everybody Wang Chung Tonight!
 Day 2 is BBQ day, which Rick seems to think is going to be the most epic BBQ of all time.  Well, the festivities get underway.....hotdogs and chips are consumed, beer is drank....there's dancing....sorta.....all is fun and games until a crazy diseased little rat invades the party and unbeknownst to everyone, pisses green stuff all over the steak.  Well, you can guess what happens after the steak is consumed.  People die.....and re-animate!

Yer gonna need some TUMS!
I would have liked to see more of the zombie action, as it really only takes place at the end, but still I can't complain!  If you are looking for a fun way to spend a little more than half an hour, there are far worse ways that Die-B-Que!

As far as extra features there's an interview with "Director" Jackson Furley, which is pretty amusing.  There is also some behind the scenes stuff that is fun to watch as well.  The Warlock himself introduces the film and has a few outgoing words as well, which I thought was a nice touch!
He's beyond TUMS

Coming up with be a review of Hack O'Lantern....also from stay tuned!

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