Friday, April 6, 2012

Krite Easter Egg Hunt.....of DOOOOM!!!!!

So being me, the first thing that pops into my head around this time of year is a little film called Critters 2.  Why, you might ask, would the Easter Holiday make me think of those evil little furballs called Krites?  Well, it has a scene in it that scared the living shit out of me when I was a kid....and that scene is the one in which some Krite eggs are mistakenly bought and painted up as Easter Eggs to be used in the churches Easter Egg Hunt!

If you've seen the film then I'm sure you are well aware of the scene.  If you haven't, well then I guess you're in luck!  As a little Easter gift.....I give to you.....The Krite Easter Egg Hunt!

Happy Easter From The Midnight Cinephile!


  1. The thought of a "Critters" film bringing Easter to mind seemed odd at first, but after watching that I can certainly see why it does. I was "lucky" enough to have seen the first one when it was released. Apparently I never saw the second one though. Thank you for exposing me to this. Maybe it will become a new Easter tradition for me? Hmmm....

    1. Happy I could be of service! There's actually 4 films in all in the series! Critters 3 features a young Leonardo DiCaprio and Critters 4 had a then unknown Angela Bassett in it! They're all pretty good flicks! Check 'em out!

    2. I knew there were additional films, but didn't realize that there were so many future-stars in them! I think a nice Easter Double Feature might be "Critters 2" and "Night of the Lepus"!

  2. Absolutely! If you wanna stretch it even farther, you can toss The Being into the also takes place around easter!