Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Nightmare on Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!  I hope that the giant, mutated anthropomorphic bunny rabbit that broke into your homes overnight left you some sweet treats and other assorted Easter goodies!  I thought I would share an odd Easter memory that popped into my head today.  I was going to do a piece on the most horrific Easter Bunnies to be found in malls taking photo's with children, but Freddy in Space did such a cool article that I decided to just tell ya to check his out instead!

So instead I thought I would tell you about the greatest Easter gift I ever received.  See, when I was growing up and still believed in the Easter Bunny, I used to get Easter Baskets like any other kid....full of candy and toys and such.  Around the time that I started growing out of the Easter Bunny phase, my younger sister was just getting into it (she's 8 years younger than me).  So my mother decided that since my little sister was getting Easter Baskets, that she'd still supply my older sister and I with a hoard of candy and an Easter Present.  Cause Mom's awesome like that.


In 1993, I was 14 years old and I was a ravenous little horror fiend.  I had just started to really get obsessed with the Nightmare on Elm Street series.  I had seen a few of the films in heavily edited form on WPIX's Shocktober run of horror films the previous Halloween season.  I had also just recently struck a deal with my parents that I could watch R rated horror movies so long as they were R rated for Gore and Language and such.....which, quite frankly, I am amazed they agreed to it.  Either they didn't realize that there was a fair amount of nudity in horror films or they preferred that I watched Freddy slash someone up than watch horny teenage antics in films like Hardbodies and Porky's.  Don't get me wrong.....I watched Hardbodies, Porky's and every other teen sex comedy that came my way.....I just didn't let me parents know that I watched them!  I'm pretty sure my Dad knew that I did....but as far as I know he kept it from Mom.  Thanks Pop!

So Easter morning I woke up to discover two Easter baskets on the kitchen table.  One, which was clearly for my younger sister, was filled with colorful candies and toys and all wrapped up in pastel cellophane.  The other basket was an older wicker basket that my mother has had for God knows how long.  There snuggled amongst the Cadbury Eggs, assorted chocolates and cellophane grass was my very own VHS copy of A Nightmare on Elm Street 3:  Dream Warriors.  My older sister had gotten some jewelry or be honest, I don't remember.  I'll tell you what I DO remember though.....chowing down on a peanut butter filled chocolate bunny while watching Freddy fuck up a bunch of teens in a psycho ward! 


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