Friday, April 6, 2012

Midnight Cinephile Creeps onto Facebook!

In my shameless quest of self promotion, I've created a Facebook page to supplement the site!  So head on over to and "Like" us!  Who else would bring you stuff like this messed up animated short.....besides FaithLess TQWH who posted it up on YouTube.

Anyway....check it out!  It's friggin creepy!  It's a segment of The Adventures of Mark Twain, a strange stop motion movie that was made in 1986 and directed by Will Vinton (the guy who did The California Raisins!).  This segment is based on Twain's final novel, The Mysterious Stranger.  The novel was worked on for some time by Twain and it is believed that he died before actually completing the novel, as it it ends abruptly in the middle of a scene.

 The film released theatrically in something like seven major cities and then disappeared until 2006 when a DVD was released.  The film, known as Comet Quest in the UK, is about Mark Twain attempting to keep his appointment with Halley's Comet.  There's tons more weirdness in store in this one.  Check it out if you get the chance!

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