Monday, July 18, 2011

Fangoria Issue #306 Sneak Peak


INTERVIEW: SISSY SPACEK She turned Stephen King’s vengeful “Carrie” into an indelible screen icon.

PREVIEW: “SHARK NIGHT” Director David R. Ellis has a new 3D destination: a lake swarming with finned killers.

FEATURE: ITALIAN SHARK MOVIES In the wake of “Jaws” came a whole school of Mediterranean mockbusters.

PREVIEW: “STRAW DOGS” The human animal hasn’t gotten any less violent, so Rod Lurie revisits the Sam Peckinpah classic.

ON SET: “FINAL DESTINATION 5” Will better characters and the use of 3D help this entry generate suspension (bridge) of disbelief?

PREVIEW: “FRIGHT NIGHT” There’s a new ghoul next door, and he’s played by Colin Farrell in Craig Gillespie’s update.

INTERVIEW: WILLIAM RAGSDALE He first went suburban-vampire hunting 26 years ago with Roddy McDowall by his side.

INTERVIEW: AGUSTÍ VILLARONGA “In a Glass Cage” is still a horrifying place to be thanks to this Spanish director.

PREVIEW: “DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK”: GUILLERMO DEL TORO Terrified by the original, he put his personal stamp on the new version.

PREVIEW: “DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK”: TROY NIXEY Little things meant a lot to the man at the remake’s helm.

INTERVIEW: NIGEL McKEAND The scripter of ’73’s “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” had no idea he was creating a classic.

PREVIEW: “CREATURE” If you’re tired of CG beasties, prepare to welcome the new rubber suit on the block. Plus: great monster costumes of the past!

PREVIEW: “ATTACK THE BLOCK” Untamed youth meet extraterrestrial enemies in a wild and wonderful British import.

PREVIEW: “THE DEAD,” PART TWO Charity began with roaming zombies when this sleeper filmed in Africa.

DIARY OF THE DEB: “THE FLUSH,” PART ONE Her experience with a budding filmmaker from Tijuana didn’t bowl Debbie over.

PREVIEW: “ROSE” John Skipp has long been a master of horrific prose, and now he’s turning his talents to the screen.

INTERVIEW: PETE VON SHOLLY He’ll never run out of ways to bring out the weird with pen, ink and paint.


FIRST RITES Respecting our elders

POSTAL ZONE A German feast

MONSTER INVASION Previews of “Bellflower,” MTV’s “Death Valley” and “Scarlet Worm”

THE TRASH COMPACTOR “Jaws 3-D” comes up toothless today

THE PIT AND THE PEN OF BERT I. GORDON Going buggy casting the tiny stars of “Beginning of the End”

DR. CYCLOPS’ DUNGEON OF DISCS Reviews of “[REC] 2,” “The Nesting,” “Wake Wood,” “Closed for the Season,” “The Clinic” and more

FURIOUS FEMMES The women who shaped “Super 8” and others

NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Ellen Datlow’s “Naked City,” Kim Newman’s “Anno Dracula,” Jason Zinoman’s “Shock Value,” etc.

“JASON DARK: FOOD FOR THE DEAD,” Part Five The final chapter!

COMIC CASKET Where you should be is “ ’68”

SOUND SHOCK Original “Fright Night” composer Brad Fiedel


DEAD FORMAT “Fright Night Part 2” on laserdisc

Fango #306 is due out in August

The Thing 2011 Trailer

The first trailer for The Thing has been released this past week!  It looks promising thus far....I am very much looking forward to seeing this in October!  Take a look, tell me what you think!

And of course we can't give ya the trailer for the upcoming film without giving you a chance to check out the trailers for the past two films as well!  So here ya go:

And of course gotta have the original classic:

Hope you enjoyed and I hope that you are just as excited about the upcoming film as I am!
And just because I thought it was's Horrid Films' Lego version of The Thing!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Thing Prequel Movie Poster

A poster for the upcoming prequel of The Thing has been released....and it's about damn time!  The Thing is scheduled to be released on October 14th, and we've yet to see a trailer for it.....but at least we've got a poster! I'm actually pretty excited about this prequel.  I've always wondered exactly what happened to the Norwegian research team that MacReady and Copper found dead at their camp.  I hope this film's events take place directly before the 1982 film.

Anywhoo....without further adieu I give you the first poster for The Ting 2011:

I like it!  I like the hand with the elongated fingers.....I like the simplicity of the design.  There's a bit of a quiet nod to the 1982 film poster...the hooded figure with the obscured face.  I also think that the tag line is amazing!  It's Not Human.  Yet.  That is great!

Check out the 1982 poster:

And what the hell, for reference, he's the poster for the 1951 film The Thing From Another World:

There you have it!

You know, I can't believe that I'm going to say this but I think that the new film's poster and the '82 film poster are pretty close in awesomeness......and I REALLY can't believe that I'm saying this, but I think that I might actually like the new poster a little more.  The fingers, man.  Those awesome elongated, alien fingers really make that poster awesome for me.  On the other hand, the light emanating from the hood of the figure on the '82 cover is pretty bad ass too.

Okay, you know what....I'm going to leave it as a tie....because they are both just so friggin awesome.  The '51 poster is absolute crap.  Sure I get it that you don't want to reveal the creature (which in the '51 film turned out to be like a walking vegetable man) but I mean come on!  Couldn't they have come up with something a little better than some screaming characters on a green background??

Of course these films are based on the classic sci fi novella of paranoia and alien bad-assed-ness, Who Goes There?  By John W. Campbell:

Now THAT"s a whacked out alien!

The Evil Dead Remake

Yesterday, Bloody Disgusting broke news that Sam Raimi is in fact getting ready to produce a "quasi-remake" of  The Evil Dead.  It is unknown at this time if Bruce Campbell will have any part in this.   Fede Alvarez is going to be directing for Ghost House Pictures and casting is underway in Detroit as well!

Very exciting news my friends!  Very exciting indeed!  I hope that Raimi stays true to the independent vibe that the rest of the series carried.....only time will tell, but at least fans now have something to look forward to!