Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Coming part of what is apparently becoming a month long celebration of all things review of Creature Double Feature favorite, Reptilicus!  Denmark's only entry into the giant monster movie genre!  

I haven't watched this flick in the better part of 20 it's going to be great to revisit this classic schlock film and review it.  Reptilicus isn't an easy movie to track down these days.  There was an MGM Midnite Movies release, but it is now OOP, so your best bet is Amazon or E-bay to snag a copy.  I just happen to have a VHS copy of the film, which I will be using as my review copy!  Somehow seems fitting!

Ah yes.....Reptilicus....a movie so bad ass, it's title card is inserted over a crotch shot!  Take that Gorgo!

Can't wait for the review?  Well here's a little trailer action for ya!


  1. Well, you are in luck! You are the one millionth comment (not really) so you win a movie date with me! It just so happens that the movie will be Reptilicus and it will be screening in our living room this Saturday! :-)