Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fat Kid Massacre!!!

What can I say that the title doesn't?  Have you ever wanted to watch fat guys get murdered in food related ways?  Well, this just may be the flick that you are looking for!  Fat Kid Massacre is only a short film currently, but the lads at BDHR Entertainment (the production branch of Big Daddy Horror Reviews) are heading up an Indiegogo campaign to see their vision to fruition.

Fat Kid Massacre is about a group of fat bullies who torment their former friend (whom they refer to as The Skinny Bitch) who lost weight and got in shape.  The Fat Kids continue to bully The Skinny Bitch until a mysterious killer starts to stalk The Fat Kids and food related murder ensues.  One such murder is featured in the short, which serves as demo of what the finished film would be like once funds have been acquired.

If you'd like to contribute and help get the full length film made, you can head on over to The Fat Kid Massacre Indiegogo site to pledge between $13 and $1,999.  Perks range from a Thank You in the credits (and IMDB) to an Executive Producer title, which includes a full day set visit and dinner with the production team and Ryan Sandefur (The Skinny Bitch).  

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