Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hammer House of Horror - Children of the Full Moon

British horror film juggernaut Hammer Films created a short lived TV series in 1980 called Hammer House of Horror.  There were 13 episodes in total, ranging in subject matter from supernatural creatures to serial killers, maniacs and cannibals.  Many notable actors appeared through out the episodes including Peter Cushing and Brian Cox in The Silent Scream, Pierce Brosnan in The Carpathian Eagle and Kathryn Leigh Scott in Visitor From The Grave.

The opening from Children of the Full Moon

I get that same look from MY wife when I'm driving.....

The episode in question, Children of the Full Moon, tells the tale of Tom and Sarah Martin who set off to take holiday in a quiet cottage.  On their way to said cottage, the car malfunctions and starts to accelerate, despite Tom gnashing on the brakes and even trying to pull the E-brake.  Eventually, the car gives back control on a lonesome wooded road and Tom pulls it to the side.  After collecting themselves, Tom looks under the hood and determines that they're gonna need a tow.  

Well here's your problem.....

The couple heads off down the road in search of help.  They come across an old wooden gate and figure perhaps there's a house nearby, so they stray off the road and follow a path in the woods.  They come across an old house, inhabited by the incredibly creepy Mrs. Ardoy and a whole pack of kids ranging from toddlers to pre-teens.  Mrs. Ardoy offers to let them spend thin night since Tom was unable to find a tow that late in the evening.  

Let's take a shortcut through these insanely creepy woods!

A series of spooky events begin to unsettle Sara as Tom goes back to the car for some things.  Becoming much too uneasy in the house, she decides to go and meet up with him.  She doesn't get very far into the woods before Tom comes running in her direction, telling her to run back to the house.  Apparently something with prickly grey fur attacked him.  Mrs. Ardoy tries to convince him that it was just a stag.  

Sure she LOOKS like a sweet lady......

After an awkward dinner, the couple is shown to their room, which Ardoy asks of them to stay put because she doesn't want them to startle the children, who will be roaming the house that night, in celebration of an old world festival.  The couple agrees to stay put, but when Sara see's a furry monstrous face at the window, Tom climbs out and down a drain pipe to investigate.  That's exactly when Mrs. Ardoy and the children come to the door and Sarah is attacked by a hairy beast. Trying to climb back up the pipe to rescue his wife, Tom slips and falls, knocking himself unconscious. 

Well, hello there Lurky McLurkums!

Tom awakens in a hospital and Sarah is at his side.  When he asks about the house, Sarah tells him that she has no idea what he's talking about and it must have been a dream.  Tom is discharged and life resumes.....but there's something off about Sara now.  She starts to make steak every night for dinner.....until eventually she doesn't even cook it.  When she tells Tom that she's pregnant things get even stranger.....

Just your friendly neighborhood woodsman!

The entire episode has a great creep factor to it and there are some scenes, especially the one in which Tom comes across an axe wielding woodsman as he searches the forest for the old house, that stand out with their atmosphere.  This is one of those "curl up on a rainy afternoon" type of enjoyed with some coco and perhaps a tasty treat!

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