Thursday, September 6, 2012

Paranormal Activity 4 Trailer

I'm a fan of the Paranormal Activity movies.  I go to see each one in the theater when they come out.  I like the fact that each one is connected with the others.  Being a fan of the found footage style of horror films, I find that the PA movies are very well done and all have a very palpable sense of dread to them.

The tag line reads:

All the activity
has lead to this........

So I don't know if this is going to be the last in the Paranormal Activity films, but it sounds like this is going to be the final story about Katie and her family.  The film is a direct sequel to Paranormal Activity 2.  Part 3 was a prequel, if you remember.  This one takes place several years after the events of PA2.  Katie (still possessed I must assume) has taken up residence with Hunter (remember she abducted him at the end of PA2) now calling him Robbie.  This triggers a new set of paranormal happenings for their neighbor Alice and her mother.  

I truly hope that this one brings the story to an epic conclusion.  The movie releases on October 19th, so we'll soon see what this is all leading up to.
  For now, here's the trailer:

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  1. Gonna go see this with hubby for sure!

  2. I heard that your husband is an obscure horror film reviewer.....this should be right up his alley! >;-)