Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jones Halloween Soda - Hitting Your Taste Buds Up With A Dose of Nostalgia

With the Halloween Season in full swing now, I took a little trip down to Target.  They always seem to have the best Halloween themed products (I'm looking at YOU Candy Corn flavored Oreos!) and hands down the BEST Halloween Candy selection I've ever seen!  All those delicious treats can make you a bit thirst though.  What to do.....what to do......I know!  How about some Halloween Soda!

The Jones Soda Company has partnered up with Target to exclusively sell their line of Halloween inspired soda flavors.  They come in an 8oz. can and they are beyond awesome.  There are four flavors in all....so let's check 'em out!

Candy Corn

First up we've got Candy Corn flavor!  The can itself is awesome with a vicious Paul Naschy lookin' werewolf snarling.  I think it's pretty awesome that they didn't just go for some goofy "kiddie toon" werewolf.  Naw, this beast will rip you up and ruin your night if he gets a hold on you! That's what I'm talking 'bout!

When I cracked open the can, there was a very heavy sugary smell.  Which is pretty much what I expected from a Candy Corn flavored soda.  The color is a very appropriate and Halloweeny orange.  There was a fair amount of fizz which I liked.  Flat soda sucks.

Okay, enough lookin' at it, let's give it a sip......

If I was blindfolded and I tasted this, my first guess might be some sort of extra sweet cream soda.  After the first sip more of the the candy corn flavor comes through.  If you like candy corn, then I would imagine that you'd like this.  Definitely not that kinda soda that you'd wanna chug....but it makes for a nice sipping drink while watching The Werewolf vs. The Vampire Woman!

Flavor Rating:

Blood Orange

Next up, Blood Orange!  This can is awesome.  The vampire on it reminds me of the vampire shown on the cover of the NES game Monster Party...so automatically it gets awesome points!  Look!  Told ya!  When I was picking this up at the store, I actually didn't look at what the flavor was, and I thought it was a grape flavor!  Only when I cracked it open did I realize it was orange.

When I opened the can, I was surprised to be greeted by a dry orange smell.  When I say dry, I mean it's not super sweet smelling like Sunkist or Fanta....it smelled more like Polar's Orange drink....you know the one, right?   The color is an orange/red color, which is quite fitting for a blood orange!

Time to taste......

This one is actually really good!  It has a bit of a bitterness to it, just like a blood orange and it does have that "dry" kinda thing going on which is hard to explain, but I really enjoyed this one!  Highly recommended, though I must say that of all the flavors, this one does not evoke a Halloween feel...

Flavor Rating:

Caramel Apple

Of all the flavors, I was most excited to try this one.  I LOVE candy apples....especially the caramel ones.  Once again, the artwork on the can is outstanding.  We've got a goopy zombie with an eyeball hanging out.  It kinda reminds me of a Madball.  Remember Madballs?  Those things were awesome.

I was downright surprised when I opened this can up!  It actually smelled like caramel apples!  This one definitely gets the prize for best smelling of the bunch.  Thoughts of making caramel apples as a kid flooded my memory.  Opening this can instantly transported me to many a Halloween past.  As I poured it into the glass, I was surprised to find that it had a the appearance of cola.  I'm not sure what color I was expecting.....but the color really isn't all that important, now is it?

Okay, let's take a sip of this bad boy.......

Hhmmm....the caramel comes through quite strong with a sorta apple finish to it.  This reminds me a bit of caramel apple Milky Way bars they're selling this year.  It's really hard to describe.  I think that this is about as close to caramel apple as one can possibly get with a soda.  After a few more sips and some contemplation, I must say I do like it quite a bit!

Flavor Rating:

Red Licorice

Frankenstein adorns the can of the last flavor.  Once again the artwork is great.  Looks life Frankie got a little jacked up here.  Reminds me of the low budget schlock films from the 60's and 70's.  I'm not talking about the Hammer Frankenstein films...oh no....I mean the SCHLOCKY ones, like Dracula vs Frankenstein!

When I cracked this one open, I was expecting a strong fruity/sugary smell.  Instead I got....well....almost nothing.  There was a very faint smell but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  Undeterred, I poured myself a glass (by the way....if you decide to review soda......take you're time.  Don't be like me and drink four cans in a ten minute span......that's just dumb.) and was pleased to see a nice bright red color.

Last flavor....let's see how it tastes.......

Wow.  Strictly from an emulation standpoint, I would have to say that they nailed it!  This tastes like they took Red Vines and liquefied them.  I'm not going to lie, I was hoping for more of a Twizzler flavor, but this is really quite good.  I wish I had a Twizzler that I could use as a straw!  This being the last of the flavors, I decided to get a handful of ice and enjoy this at a slower pace.  The insane amount of sugar coursing through my veins demanded it!

Flavor Rating:

I've had other stuff from Jones Soda before and I've yet to find a flavor that I dislike, so I knew going into this that I was more than likely going to enjoy each of these.  If I had to put these in order of preference (which is not based solely on flavor, but on full presentation and ability to maximize Halloween fun!) it would go a little something like this:

#1 Red Licorice
#2 Caramel Apple
#3 Blood Orange
#4 Candy Corn

I've been sipping on my Red Licorice soda while writing this review and I just took the last sip.  I think I might be addicted to it now.  The thought that it will disappear like so many specters at the end of the season has me in a panic attack.  I need to stock up.  I'm probably going to to become addicted to the others as well.

Welp....thems the breaks!

I leave you now with some Spooky Fun:

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