Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Midnight Cinephile Podcast Episode 1

At long last, we've taken the leap to Podcasting!  Episode 1 is finally ready for mass consumption,
I truly hope that you all give a listen and you like what you hear.  We're new to podcasting, but with your feedback we can continue to make the show better and better!

Got a suggestion for a segment?  Want a movie reviewed?  Want to see two movies go at it in the Horror Movie Cagematch?   Send us a line at midnigihtcinephile@gmail.com or join us on the Midnight Cinephile Facebook Page!  Don't forget to "LIKE" it!

In this episode, Travis and I talk about our Top Ten Watches for Halloween, we put Eaten Alive and Alligator up for battle in the Horror Cage Match and more!

Without further adieu.....I give to you, The Midnight Cinephile Potdcast.  Thanks for reading and thanks for listening!

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