Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Godzilla: Kaiju World Wars - Board Game

Godzilla:  Kaiju World Wars
2 - 4 Players
Playtime:  Approximately 60 Minutes
Designed by Richard H Berg
Published by The Toy Vault

Have you always wanted to be Godzilla?  Admit it, you used to pretend that you were a giant monster and you would stomp around your yard with Lego buildings and pretending that various plants were actually huge trees.  Maybe you still do!  I'll admit it, every time I look down at an ant or swat at a flying insect, I can't help but think that to THEM, I'm huge....to them....I AM a Kaiju!  Perhaps once or twice I've let out a small roar as I swatted a fly away and laughed with child like glee.  I'm a giant man child though.....

But what if there was a more socially acceptable way to pretend that you're a giant monster, without people staring at you and sheltering their children from you as you pass by?  Got you covered!  Simply play Godzilla:  Kaiju World War!

Here's what comes in the box

This is not the first Kaiju or Godzilla themed board game by far, but it seem to be the most immersive and the most involved.  Once again, I have delved into the endlessly amazing and vast information available at Board Game Geek to bring you a look at this game.  As usual all pictures have been taken from Board Game Geek.

Monster Cards

MechaGodzilla Ability Card

A nice look at the Godzilla model (image belongs to Fred Hartig, BGG)

Kaiju Fight!  (image belongs to Fred Hartig, BGG)

I have not been able to play this game yet, but it does look like a ton of fun.  I love the theme and I love the look of the components!  If it looks like fun, find a copy, find some friends and have yourself a Kaiju Throwdown!

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