Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hope County Stories: Alien Abduction - The Board Game

Hope County Stories:
Alien Abduction - The Board Game
2 - 5 players
Playing Time:  Appoximately 60 minutes
Designed by:  Matthew Meadows
Published by:  MM Board Games

A fun B-Movie vibe is infused in the art.
Board games, much like video games, can be quite expensive, with games ranging from $20 - $100 or sometimes even more.  Sometimes you want to play a new game but you just don't have the funds to blow on something new.  Well, friends, lucky for you there are print and play games!  You can go to sites such as War Game Downloads and for a fee (ranging from $1.00 to $20.00) you can download and print out a brand new game to enjoy.  All you need is a bit of craftsmanship and your own dice and you're good to go!

Enter, Alien Abduction - The Board Game.  I came across this while checking out other alien themed games on board game geek and for $1.99, I was able to download myself a new game that I  am quite excited to try out!

You play as one of five characters, and you're goal is to save as many family members from being abducted by aliens as possible!
 Points are accrued by saving family members (as well as various bonuses that you can pick up along the way) so the person with the most points at the end is declared the winner.  Besides bonus cards, there are also Event cards that can help you or help you to hinder your opponent.

Event Cards
For instance, you may draw the medical card, which will restore all of your health (which you lose while try to escape from the aliens) or perhaps you can kill off some of your opponent's family member's by unleashing a serial killer on them, with a blast of lightening or even a highway accident.  All's fair in love and abductions, I guess!

I have not had the chance to play the game yet, but it does look quite interesting and I see the potential for a lot of fun here if you are playing with like minded people (and why wouldn't you be?).  I've included some shots of the game components (once again from Board Game Geek)  If it looks interesting to you, then head over to War Game Downloads and download yourself a copy!

Event Cards

The Board

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