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Mummy Maniac - Misogyny All Wrapped Up

Mummy Maniac
Hollywood House of Horrors
Directed by Max Nikoff
Written by Max Nikoff
Starring Ben Stewart, Erica Kruz & Colette Claire

Rated R - 81 Minutes

Tag Line:
Preserve The Fear

Alternate Titles:

A psycho disguised as a cop on the streets of New York abducts women, then kills them.  He wraps their heads in bandages, like a mummy and then mutilates the head.  Then he dumps the body in a random location.  That is not only the capsulated review, but it's also about as detailed as the plot gets!  To be perfectly honest there isn't much of a plot.  Mummy Maniac nabs a victim, throws her in his truck, takes her to his "black room" and then kills them after asking a few nonsensical questions.  This is pretty much the whole movie, rinse and repeat.

It's the Mummy Maniac!  Look, he's even got bandages on his mirror!

Look!  It's MUMMY!  

The girls themselves are all pretty unlikable and apparently quite clueless.  Though Mummy Maniac is dressed as a police officer throughout the entire film, you would think that it would be quite obvious that after being thrown into a white truck and then tossed into a room with sharp tools that the man standing in front of you is not a cop.  Doesn't stop these dimwits from protesting that they hadn't done anything wrong and that they shouldn't be arrested.  When it does dawn on them that they are in trouble, some of them get quite bold and inform him that he can't just do that to people.  A few others just cry and blabber incoherently.

That brings me to a major issue I had with the film:  The sound.  The sounds was SO murky and SO uneven that I had to put on the subtitle option on Netflix.  Think THAT's bad?  The subtitles would often give half a sentence of dialog and then it would say (UNCLEAR).  You know you are in deep shit when even the subtitles have no clue what the fuck is going on!

Naturally after you wrap a girls head up like a mummy, you fondle her....

Mummy's going to wrap you up!

Aside from the murder scenes, there are some scenes of Mummy Maniac driving around New York and spying on people from a building top.  There are also a few scenes with his shrink.  Most confusing are the scenes with his mother.  I spent the entire film trying to figure out if she was real, or if she was a figment of his imagination a la Norman Bates.  She apparently keeps putting him down and humiliating him because he couldn't make it as a Marine.  I'm guessing this is what caused his........erm.....mummy issues (get it?) and started him on a killing spree.  Oh yeah, and when he dies he wants to become a mummy.

Midnight Cinephile Tally

Death Toll:  Five girls are murdered throughout the course of the film.

Nude-O-Meter:  We get to see a couple pairs of boobs.

Things That Go Bump In The Night:  The Mummy Maniac!  A psycho cop obsessed with mummies!

Final Thoughts
The premise of the film sounded fairly interesting.  I'm always up for a psycho flick.  The was allegedly based on real events, though I didn't really look it up, so I can't confirm that.  It's said that this film was made on a $500 budget.  I'm going to have to assume that the money was used to bribe a couple of girls to show their boobs.  And possibly a couple cans of paint.  I really can't recommend this movie to anyone, unless you are a hardcore DIY film fanatic.  While I admire any filmmaker that can not only make a film on their own terms but get it distributed, the final product could have used some more polishing and a lot more work on the sound!  If you DO check this one out, make sure you opt for the subtitles!

One final note:  The first girl that he abducts sounds EXACTLY like Lois Griffin from Family Guy.  That might be worth watching the first twenty or so minutes for....it's kinda hilarious.

Final Score
One out of Five Pizza Rolls

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