Friday, July 25, 2014

TNT's MonsterVision Bumpers

I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the Bumpers for TNT's MonsterVision.  I'm researching MonsterVision for an upcoming article and I thought it would be fun to have a nice light 'n' fun post.  So without me chinwagging with my fingers too much:     ENJOY!

MonsterVision Godzilla Bash '94
This was really my introduction to the awesomeness of Blue Oyster Cult.

Joe Bob Briggs' MonsterVision Song:
One of my favorite bits from MonsterVision....this just screams nostalgia for me

MonsterVision Halloween '92:
Thought technically MonsterVision officially started as a recurring show in March of '93, it started as a special in October of '92. 

MonsterVision Bumper Compilation:
Just what it sounds like!

MonsterVision - Joe Bob Briggs Friday the 13th Segments:
Watch Joe Bob do his thing while presenting Friday the 13th!

MonsterVision - Joe Bob Briggs presents Phantasm II:
The Phantasm II episode in it's entirety!

All of these videos are culled from YouTube and I own none of them, I just put 'em all together under one roof!  Hope ya dug it, kids!


  1. Joe Bob Briggs is a hero. I actually cultivated the notion that I, too, would someday sit in a lawn chair and watch movies for a living. It hasn't happened, but I ain't dead yet. I'll have to drink coffee, though. I don't much care for beer.

  2. We are in the same boat, amigo. MonsterVision started right around the time that I discovered Fangoria and Gorezone, so I was able to start watching some of the films that I had read about. It's funny because on one hand, the 90's were a poor decade for new horror movies. On the other hand (for me at least) it was a fantastic time of discovery for me. Many of the films that I hold sacred now I watched for the first time in the 90's. So while there weren't really any great films being released, I was so busy getting up to speed that I didn't even notice!

    I'll tell you what....I've had the same dream to sit back and watch movies for a living. As you've said....we're not dead yet, so the dream is still alive! I also always wanted to have a set up like his with a TV outside. I think watching Phantasm II on an old CRTV while sitting next to a campfire with weenies roasting on it sounds pretty damn amazing!

    1. I've been thinking about that a lot lately......and though I don't have a back yard (I own a condo) I do have a nice little back porch with a couple of chairs and a tiny table. So I poured myself a nice refreshing adult beverage (Disaronno on the rocks) and grabbed myself a stogie and watched The Midnight Hour on my Galaxy Note 3. The screen was small, the sound wasn't very loud either.....but it was still fun to watch a flick outside. If only we were permitted to have a grille or even hibachi on the back'd be roasting weenies like no one's business!

    2. You've got to get yourself a TV/VCR combo for out there!

  3. That's a damn good idea! E-Bay, here I come!