Friday, April 19, 2013

Attack of the Killer Refrigerator - The Icebox Cometh

Attack of the Killer Refrigerator
Directed by Michael Savino
Written by Michael Savino, Mark Veau
Starring Lori Regonini, Christina Murphy, Michael Savino

Tag Line:
Oh No!!  I Just HATE Cold Cuts!!

Alternative Title:
Attack of the Killer Refridgerator

Yep....This is gonna be GOOD!

This little gem was a staple at Mom & Pop video stores across this great land of ours, and of course, my beloved Video Paradise was no different.  The cover art is pure cheese and it really ignited my young and impressionable imagination.  I wanted desperately to see what a killer refrigerator movie was like.  Sadly, the film vanished from the shelves before I was old enough to rent it myself.  That title stuck in my head for a long time though and it was only recently has it come back to haunt me.  I sat down tonight to watch this little SOV cheddar-fest and at long last, after nearly 25 years, I was able to see a refrigerator go on a killing spree.  My life is now complete.


So what's up with this film....what's it like?  It's like....really....really.....REALLY cheap.  And I love it.  The film opens with a college party.....a guy is telling his girlfriend about how ever since they de-iced the freezer in the refrigerator, they've been getting a weird vibe from it.  There are strange noises that the neighbors are complaining about as well.  DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!!

Om nom nom nom nom nom

The party clears out leaving our two heroes (?!) to retire to their respective bedrooms with their girlfriends.  This is when our evil fridge strikes.  One by one, the kids are killed by the vengeful appliance.  Limbs are ripped off, there's an impalement by door handle, and apparently the refrigerator has some psychic abilities as well, because it's able to psychically push one guys against the wall with a decent amount of force!  The ending of the film is at once completely ridiculous and absolutely, brilliantly hilarious.

He can totally.......HANDLE this!

While researching this film a bit, I found out that it was actually made in my hometown of Worcester, MA by some students at Worcester State University.  It was shot in 1984, and then managed to get a VHS release (along with another of the Student's films, The Hook of Woodland Heights) in 1990.  I'm currently trying to track down Mr Savino for an interview.


Body Count:  We get a total of four here, which considering the films 15 minute runtime ain't half bad!  There is some gore as well, such as the aforementioned limb ripping and impalement.  The blood is pretty cheap looking, but that really adds to the SOV charm of it all.

Nude-O-Meter:  Well, there's no boobs, but we do see Michael Savino's naked rear end.

Monster's Gallery:  There's a Killer Refrigerator! Or Refridgerator, if ya wanna spell it like they do on the title card.  This is one mean piece of kitchen appliance.  It's got psychic powers, it's got a powerful jaw like door that can't rip limbs off.  It can use it's door handle like a horn and impale it's victims with it.  There is some odd colored smoke and light that emanates from it's insides as well.  Maybe it's some kinda college kid attracting pheromone ...who knows!  Point's a dang killer!


I had an absolute blast with this.  First of all, it's a scant 15 minutes, so there isn't much time to get to know the characters.  They are simply canon (fridge) fodder.  It doesn't take long for the killings to start, which means that there isn't much time to get bored.  The killings are creative enough and like I said above, the gore is cheap as all get out, which really lends to some of the charm of the film.  What really intrigues me is the fact that this is homegrown horror that got itself a VHS release.  I will continue to dig up info on this and (hopefully) get in contact with Mr. Savino for an interview.

Three out of Five Pizza Rolls

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