Monday, October 1, 2012

Midnight Cinephile's Halloween Movie Primer - Syfy Channel's 31 Days of Halloween

If you have been following Midnight Cinephile for a while, you may know that I have a deep nostalgic love for the Sci-Fi Channel of yesteryear, especially The Super Nova Movie Explosion!  Now I've ripped on Syfy a few times for the name change and I stand by that.  I still thing Syfy is dopey looking.  However, every year they do put on their 31 Days of Halloween and it makes me forgive the goofy name change a little.

It's far from perfect.  They still waste a ton of time with all day marathons of current Syfy shows.  I would love to see them run marathons of older shows that aren't in regular rotation.  Or at least shows that aren't on pretty much every time you turn on the TV.  I love the Fourth of July Twilight Zone Marathon.....they only show TZ on off hours and it's a kind fun tradition.  I'm getting off track though.  As I was saying, I would love to see them run marathons of shows that the used to show, like V, The Prisoner, Manimal, Dark Shadows and Automan.  Hell, they could fit the entire Automan series into a one day marathon, since it only lasted 13 episodes (which is a crime unto itself).  I love Face Off and Warehouse 13, but I've already seen most episodes multiple times.  Let's bring back some good old fashioned Sci-Fi fare!

Okay, so wasted Marathon Days aside Syfy does a pretty good job of rounding up some decent Halloweentime films.  Even on the Marathon Days though, they usually manage to squeak through a movie in the wee hours of the morning.  Much like AMC, there is still a lot of missed opportunity for diversity here and there are an overabundance of repeated movies, but there is still some spooky goodness to be had.  Movies run the gamut of the usual Syfy original movies to heavily rotated flicks such as Thirteen Ghosts and 100 Feet to a few more surprising selections such as A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2:  Freddy's Revenge and the original Amityville Horror.  You can see the entire schedule HERE.

Syfy's 31 Days of Halloween kicks off with a day full of Alphas and Warehouse 13 episodes.  Thursday the 4th brings a Strek Trek movie marathon day.  Not exactly Halloween, but I do enjoy most of the Star Trek flicks so it's okay in my book.....sadly no Wrath of Kahn though.  Saturday, the 27th, we get a zombie movie marathon, which is awesome and of course on the 31st, we have the obligatory Ghost Hunters marathon, which to be honest has worn out it's novelty with me.  I assume they will have the live investigation as usual because from 7pm (EST) to 10pm (EST) the three hour block simply reads as TBD (To Be Decided).  However, at 10pm, we get the live Face Off finale, which will be open to viewer voting.  That is pretty cool and I will most likely be watching that.  You can see the entire schedule HERE.

In addition to the 31 Days programming, Syfy also has a series of live events planned for the NYC area.  They've even released a handy PDF booklet to help you sort out what events you would like to attend throughout the five Burroughs.  Everything from Haunted Houses and Haunted Walks to Pumpkin Festivals and the Pooch Parade Howl-o-ween.

So there you have it!  Between AMC, TCM and Syfy you should have your hands more than full with Halloween films and shows to keep you occupied this Samhain season!

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