Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space (A Monsters vs Aliens short)

When it comes to Halloween specials, I'm usually of the classic persuasion.  I love the ones from my childhood and though I will watch the newer ones, they usually don't do that much for me.  I still appreciate the fact that they are putting out Halloween specials, but most seem to fall a bit short in the Halloween Spirit department.  Well, Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space is hands down the BEST Halloween special to come down the pike in well over a decade.

MPfOS is a TV special that first aired on October 28th, 2009.  I loved Monsters vs Aliens, so I was quite interested to see what they'd whip up for a Halloween Special.  I was not disappointed.  The ambiance is absolutely fantastic.  The special starts with a UFO sludging out some goop over a pumpkin patch, which brings all the pumpkins to life, turning them into anthropomorphic pumpkin monsters with glowing eyes and mouths.  

Meanwhile, Susan and the rest of the monsters are gearing up for Halloween.  BOB is trying to decide what to be.  Link is excited about the chance to go out and do some scaring.  Insectasaurus wants to dress as Elvis and Dr. Cochroach tells his tale of woe and the reason he dislikes Halloween.  Basically some bullies took his candy (a really nice swirly lollipop) and toss him in a trashcan.  

General Monger then comes and tells them that they must cancel their Halloween plans because there is an alien invasion on the rise in (where else?) Susan's hometown of Modesto, California.  Susan visits her parents (without telling them the real reason that she is there) and the monsters partake in some trick or treating, while scanning the locals to see if they are alien.

There are some truly funny scenes here, such as when BOB forgets what to say when he goes to his first house for trick or treat.  Link becomes upset that no one is scared of him and Dr. Cockroach receives a swirly lollipop just like the one he lost when he was little and his love of the holiday returns. 

And of course, that's exactly when the mutant pumpkins attack!  As it turns out they grow bigger with every piece of candy they eat.  They start to grow bigger and bigger until finally combining and former a super pumpkin monster!  Just like Voltron.....or a transformers combiner!  In a word.....AWESOME!

I won't ruin the end of the special for you, but I will say that it is definitely worth a watch.  It has a fun storyline, with the characters you already love from the MvA universe.  It also brings a certain je ne sais quoi that only certain Halloween specials have.  A certain fun, spooky vibe that cannot be forced.

MPfOS is available on DVD and hopefully they will show it again on TV this month (though a quick glance showed no listings).  This is absolutely a recommended viewing for this Halloween for the whole family!

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