Saturday, August 25, 2012

Get a Double Dose of Debbie Rochon!

So you Spent the Holidays with Debbie Rochon, eh?  Good for you!  Christmas came and went and it was everything you had hoped for.  You read your copy of Scream Queens Illustrated and your Toxie issue of Cracked front to back over and over again.  Your Santa Claws trading cards are your pride and joy and you still wear your signed Santa's Cap even though it's August.

I get it.  You're trying to hold onto that special "Debbie Feeling".  

Well, my friend, I've got great news for you!

The lovely Ms. Rochon is at it again, this time offering you a double DVD dose of demented debauchery!  Whew!  That was a tongue twister!

Check out what the Divine Debbie is offering you this time around!

Not that you need convincing, but here's the trailer for Dead & Rotting!

And of course the trailer for Dr. Horror's Erotic House of Idiots!  

Both DVD's plus a mystery T-Shirt and collectable one sheets all autographed!!!
Go ahead and treat yourself and get your Dose of Debbie now!

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