Friday, November 2, 2012

What The Hell Happened?

Okay so, as you may have surmised, October turned out to be a complete bust for me as far as a Halloween extravaganza.  Started out strong and then it just kinda died.  Well, there's a few reasons that this happened.  First and foremost was a family emergency which took out mid to the end of the month for me.  It was just too hard to concentrate on anything.  Things are getting better though, so (hopefully) things will return to a more normal schedule as far as releasing posts and articles.

I hope that you all had a spooky Halloween and did something fun.  The Mrs and I caught one of the extremely limited re-releases of John Carpenter's 1978 babysitter slasher classic, Halloween.  It was absolutely awesome to see it on the big screen in a brand new HD transfer with 5.1 surround sound.  For a movie that I have seen about 1.6 trillion times, it was a totally new experience on the big screen.  Pure horror goodness.

Now, you may be asking, what comes up for November?

Well, you can expect a review of the killer turkey flick ThanksKilling, as well as a look at Eli Roth's  faux Grindhouse trailer for the as-of-yet-unrealized Thanksgiving film.  I'll be taking a look at Garfield's Thanksgiving Special and will touch on some more Thanksgiving goodness as well!

Which brings me to my next point:  Starting this month on Midnight Cinephile, you can expect to start seeing more non-horror fare being talked about here as well.  Now, horror was, is and always will be our number one passion here, but we also don't want to ignore the cornucopia of other films, tv shows and specials that also make up our insane viewing habits.  Because sometimes ya just want to write a thousand words on Mother, Juggs and Speed, ya know?  I want to make it feel like one of those great old UHF stations from back in the day, like WQTV (Channel 68) or WNDS (Channel 38).  They used to show all kinds of stuff in the witching hour.  Old games shows, Twilight Zone reruns, Gunsmoke reruns, Dark Shadows etc, and of course some strange movies!  Of course we can't forget early basic cable favorites like USA (Up All Night, Saturday Nitemares and Commander USA!  YES!), TNT (Monstervision) and of course, early Sci-Fi Channel.

If it wasn't for those stations, I never would have had my first taste of films like Cobra, Reform School Girls, Rambo, Better Off Dead, Death Wish, Vice Academy and of course most of Troma's output.

So there you have it.  It's going to be the same old MC, just with a new twist and more variety injected into it.  Pizza rolls and soda are still the preferred snack of choice 'round these parts.  You'll never see calorie listings here!  So sit back and enjoy!

Nuttin' But Love,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Midnight Cinephile.

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