Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Garfield's Thanksgiving Special

In case you thought that perhaps Garfield was a one trick pony when it came to Holiday specials, you would be mistaken my friends.  Garfield also knocked out this Thanksgiving special in 1989.  I don't think this aired too often because I remember seeing it like once as a kid.  There is also a Christmas special that we'll get into next month!

The Thanksgiving special may not have the class and pizzazz of Garfield's Halloween Adventure, but it has that distinctive Garfield Special feeling.  They just don't make them like this any more.  Back in the day there would be big old ads in the TV Guide announcing the special.....there would be TV spots all day leading up to the special....and then just before it begins, they'd show one of those network "special presentation" bumpers.  You felt like you were about to witness something truly amazing.....something important.....something epic.  Nowadays the fanfare is silent for these long out of rotation specials, and it makes me sad.

This time around, Garfield discovers that Jon is scheduled to take him to the dreaded vet, and in an attempt to make Jon forget, Garfield removes a page from the daily calendar and discovers the next day is Thanksgiving.  Garfield excitedly shows the calender to Jon, who informs Garfield that they best go to the store to get all the food for their feast.

Ol' Garfield thinks he's in the clear until they're on their way home from the grocery store and Garfield realizes that they are NOT headed home.  Looks like Jon remembered the vet after all!  Turns out that Jon's got a crush on the good doctor and looks forwards to Garfield's check ups.  Watching him hit on Dr. Liz is hilarious and he finally gets her to agree to have Thanksgiving dinner by holding his breath until he turns blue.  The visit does not far so well for Garfield, who is put on a strict diet......which does not sit too well with him.

The next day, it becomes quite apparent that Jon has no idea how to put together a Thanksgiving Day meal.  After literally tossing the frozen turkey in the oven and turning up the heat way too high, Jon starts to "cook" the vegetables, which Garfield delights in sabotaging.  "If I can't enjoy Thansksgiving," he says "No one will!" with that Garfield covers the vegetables in garlic.

Well, Liz shows up and Jon is in deep trouble.  Trying to figure a  way out of his dire situation (he realizes that he has completely botched dinner) Garfield helps him figure out a solution.  GRANDMA!  As usual I won't spoil the end, but hey, it's Garfield...you KNOW everything is gonna work out just fine in the end!

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