Saturday, March 24, 2012

Godzilla Attacks Worcester!!!!

This Monday (March 26th) That's Entertainment comic shop will be  hosting the 2nd annual Godzilla Attacks Worcester Creature Double Feature at the Elm Draught House in Millbury, MA.  Sadly I was unable to attend last years, but I hear great things from Monster Dad.

The show starts at 6:00pm and the two movies shown are not revealed until showtime, which I think is a great tactic to amp up the excitement!  Personally I'm hoping for at least one of my favorites to be shown.  Either Godzilla vs Megalon, Destroy All Monsters or Godzilla Raids Again would be fantastic....I think there may be a good chance that Destroy All Monsters may be shown, as Monster Dad pointed out was recently re-released by Media Blasters/Tokyo Shock.  I think that the original may also be shown, because that was just released via a Criterion Collection Special Edition Blu Ray.  That would be pretty amazing.

There are going to be raffles, Godzilla short films and of course the menu for the Draught House will be available to those in attendance.  It's looking like it will be a fantastic night!  If you are in the area, stop by and claim your FREE tickets at That's Entertainment..  The catch is, it's only 1 Ticket per if you wanna go with a group of friends, each person is going to need to claim their ticket personally.  But hey, that is a small price to pay for getting to see TWO Godzilla films on the big screen with like minded peeps!  Shyeah!

Hope to see you there, Kaiju fans!   Go Go Godzilla!!!!!!!!!

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