Friday, March 23, 2012

Get Your Burn On with Chemical Burn Entertainment

So the other day, I received a package in the mail from Chemical Burn Entertainment.  Inside was a DVD in a jewel case and a flyer.  The flyer promoted new films from Chemical Burn as well as films from Reality Entertainment.  The DVD states boldly across it that it is a sampler.  I love getting random stuff like this so I popped the DVD in and plopped down in my chair to see what was what.  I must say I was quite pleasantly surprised with the amount of content on the disc.

You've got a choice between watching Chemical Burn Trailers, Some music videos that they've produced and trailers for some Reality Entertainment Documentaries.  I haven't had a chance to watch everything that the disc has to offer, but what I did see was pretty awesome.  I watched trailers for such movies as:


I'm not going to lie, I was pretty excited after watching the trailers for Muckman and Skin Eating Jungle Vampires.  Just the titles alone want to make me inject the films directly into my bloodstream and go on a B-Movie Bender!

The Reality Entertainment documentaries are for such films as:

They all looked fairly interesting as well!  I'm a sucker for anything that has to do with Aliens and Area 51 and there appears to be a lot of films/docu's that deal with that very subject!

To be completely honest I didn't even look at the music video's yet.  I will take a look-see when I have a bit more well as watch more of the trailers (there's about 5 Menu Pages for Chemical Burn Films and the same for Reality Entertainment Films).  I must say I do have one minor complaint:  On the flyer there is an ad for Piranha Man vs Werewolf Man:  Howl of the Piranha.  I was very much hoping to see the trailer in the sampler disc, but there was no such luck.....however, a quick search on YouTube yielded the trailer:

Ha!  Now THAT is a B-movie, my friends!  I do love a good monster mash up film!

One thing remains did I receive this disc?  I went on the Chemical Burn website and found that they do indeed offer free DVD samplers (go over and ask for one....they're FREE!) however, I don't remember ever being on their website before.  So the question DID they get this disc to me?  Perhaps friend or family member?  Perhaps....but I prefer to think that it was something far more time traveling carnies peddling their wares from a hopeless future........or something like that.

Anywhoo....that's the dealio on Chemical Burn's Sampler Disc!  Check it out!

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