Saturday, January 22, 2011

Neon Maniac's Friday Midnite Madness

Hey Ho!  It's Friday Night!  Time for the first ever Friday Midnite Madness!!!!  This is just a little something extra from your old pal The Wizard!  Every Friday night you can expect to find some new random bits of madness.  Who knows what will turn up.  It wouldn't be madness if there was a rhyme or reason to it, now would it?

Tonight, let's peer in the window of a little cabin out on beautiful Camp Crystal Lake for

                         Jason's Pajama Pillow Fight!

Oh yeah baby!  It don't get much better than Mr. Vorhees holding Mickey Mouse hostage.  Let's just sit here a moment and take it all in, shall we?  Shear awesomeness.  I just happened to find this little gem while on a Bing image search for Jason Vorhees and hit pay dirt!  I mean, holy crap!  Who would have thought that there would have been a photo out there that PERFECTLY fit my topic tonight.  By the way, big Thank You to my lovely wife for the absolutely brilliant idea to have Jason host a Pajama Pillow Fight! 

So what's this all about then?   Well, Slasher Movies involving slumber parties, of course!  Ah yes....nubile young flesh parading around, so painfully unaware that come morning, their parents will come home to find their daughter's entrails in a bowl of Cheetos.  Tasty! 

Naturally we've gotta start with the classics!  The Slumber Party Massacre Trilogy!  The first film was released in 1982.  Ah....1982...what a great year for films!  Seriously!  E.T., Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Creepshow, Porkies and Blade Runner to name just a few!  Anywhoo,  this one is about a girl who invites some friends over for a Slumber party.  She invites the new girl, who lives across the street, but there is friction between here and the other girls so she opts to stay home with her little sister.  Anywhoo....don'tcha know that a serial killer with a serious fetish for power tools has escaped and has his sights set on the party.   

In Part II, the younger sister of the "New Girl" from the first
movie is all grown up and now has an all female rock band.  She has nightmares about the events of the first film and of her sister, who is warning her that the killer is coming back for her.  So, naturally she does what anyone would do.  She goes away for the weekend with her band and some boys for a weekend of rock music and debauchery.  Turns out the dreams she was having about Big Sis start to come true and teens start to disappear and turn up dead.

Part III.....has absolutely nothing to do with the first two films.  This really could almost be looked at as a remake of the first.  A girls parents are going to be selling their house and are off looking at another one, leaving her home alone.  Hhhmmm...what's a girl to do?  How 'bout call over your girlfriends for a slumber party!  SHYEAH!  So as the teens (naturally played by 30 year old actresses!) frolic about the house, a killer has managed to drag a large drill inside and starts to dispatch them with his big ol' phallic drill.

I should note that there is another movie that some consider to be a part of the series.  2003's Cheerleader Massacre was originally written as Slumber Party Massacre IV.  This time around some cheerleaders decide to rent a cabin out in the woods.  Gee where have I heard this one before?  I digress.  Shock! Horror!  A whole new Massacre starts anew.  Personally I don't count this one in the series.  It doesn't feel anything like the others and came about almost a decade after the third one. This is pretty much just a case of trying to cash in on a brand name.  There is a sequel to this film, but I have not seen it.  Cheerleader Massacre II, from what I've gathered has to do with some girls being picked off in the desert.  There's not a whole lot of info on the film that I've found....but I'm sure I'll track it down sooner or later.  I'll probably be sorry I did...but hey, someone's gotta check this stuff out!  So if Cheerleader Massacre was to be Slumber Party Massacre Part IV, then I suppose that Cheerleader Massacre Part II could be counted as Slumber Party Massacre Part V.  But then that doesn't really make sense, does it?  A slumber party out in the desert isn't a slumber party.  That's camping.  It's totally different. 

The Last Slumber Party is a low budget flick from the late 80's.  Shot for about the price of a Big Mac, this little slice of celluloid hell is pretty much a hacked up rip off of Slumber Party Massacre.  The budget being what it was though, a drill was definitely not affordable so the killer gets a Fisher Price Scalpel.  He lurks about the house killing guys and gals.  Something that I couldn't quite understand was why the girls kept referring to the guys with derogatory gay slurs....yet they are constantly trying to seduce them and get laid.  Whatever.  I really don't recommend this to anyone unless you, like myself, are a true glutton for punishment and truly enjoy the worst that horror films have to offer. 

I was going to end that segment there....but I just have to get this out.  The title drives me nuts.  OF COURSE IT'S THE LAST SLUMBER PARTY!  Usually when a killer shows up and slaughters everyone, it pretty much kibosh's any chances of those folks having another party!  Even if someone manages to survive the carnage, do you really think that they would want to have or go to another one?  I'm not sure why this title bugs me....I'm sure there are FAR more stupid movie titles out there.....but just something about this one makes me want to tie myself to a chair and kick myself down the stairs.   There I said it and I feel better.  Movin' on!

Slumber Party Slaughterhouse is an "Interactive Movie" using trivia.  It involved a nerd who after a fatal laptop/bubble bath incident sells his soul to a demon to avenge his death against his former friends.  So basically every time it gets  to a scene where the guy is gonna kill one of his friends, you are asked a horror movie trivia question.  If you answer correctly, you're treated to a gory kill scene as the nerd wastes his former friend.  Answer wrong and you're sent to hell, unavenged.  Bummer. 

Well kiddies,   I hope that you've enjoyed this little soiree.  If you haven't seen any of the Slumber Party Massacre films, please do yourself a favor and check them out.  It's pure 80's goodness.  Okay...well the first one is.  Part II is okay, but an interesting side note in the series is that Parts II & III have significantly less gore and nudity.  Which makes absolutely no sense.  I mean come on.  Why would you have next to no gore and nudity in a film titled Slumber Party Massacre?  That should be wall to wall blood and boobs.  And Cheetos.  Gotta have the Cheetos.


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  2. Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it! I've got some great stuff coming up, so keep on checkin' back! :)