Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Attack of the Movies 3D for the Wii

Coming this may, to a Wii near you is Attack of the Movies 3D, Panic Button's shooter for the Nintendo Wii.  In AotM3D, an on-rails shooter, you will be pitted against monsters and enemies inspired heavily by the movies, including fighting aliens in space, blasting underwater monsters and trying to fight of a giant insect invasion.  If you love the cheesy old monster movies, with the old red and blue cardboard anaglyph glasses, then this game looks like it's for you!  You will be supplied with four (4!) pair of glasses to don with your friends as you make your way through the levels, blasting away at everything that moves.

AotM3D is the "first 3D shooter" for the Wii.  It's expected to be release May 2010.
I'm not expecting it to revolutionize the gaming world, but I think that it'll be a fun quick shooter.

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