Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Midnight Cinephile Takes Home It's THIRD AWARD - The Versatile Blogger Award!

As many of you know, the past nine months have sent my life into a bit of a tailspin that has been a bit tricky to come out of.  In August 2014, I was nearly killed when a stray bullet came through my living room wall, narrowly missing my head.  This lead to an immediate decision to get my family out of the city and out of potential danger.  Due to my mother in law's failing health, we decided that we would move up north to her parent's house to help.  We moved in mid-September and on December 21st, my mother in law passed away after remaining in a coma for two weeks.

The next few months proved to by quite trying as well as we faced one of the worst winters that I can remember in quite sometime.  Having moved up north also meant that my commute went from about 10 minutes to about an hour and 15 minutes on a good day.  Factoring in the constant snowstorms and record snowfall totals and many times my commute would end up being closer to three hours.

Due to all these (and other) factors, unfortunately, Midnight Cinephile has suffered.  My posts have been sporadic.  The podcast was put on hold.  Readership has fallen quite sharply.  But despite all of this, the core readership has remained and I cannot even begin to tell you how much that means to me.  Even more so, I can't believe that I've been nominated for an award!  And so I must thank Brandon Early from Movies At Dog Farm  for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!  It means a lot to me and it has really served to light a fire under my ass to get my nose back down to the grindstone and get back to work.  There are so many movies that I want to cover.  The podcast needs revamping and there are more Midnight Cinephile projects that I want to get off the ground.  So thank you, Brandon.....thank you for helping me out of my slump!

Not one to shun tradition, I shall now in turn nominate ten bloggers that I feel are worthy of this honor!
And in no particular order, they are:

Dave B @ 2,500 Movie Challenge
Yellow Phantom @ Blood Curdling Blog of Monster Masks
Rhonny Reaper @ Dollar Bin Horror
Egahh!! and Tobonga! @ The Dwrayger Dungeon
Christine Hadden @ Fascination With Fear
Groovy Doom @ Groovy Doom
Brian Albright @ The Dead Next Door: A Field Guide To Regional Horror Films
August Ragone @ The Good, The Bad & The Godzilla
David A. Zuzela @ Tomb It May Concern
Stevie B @ The Video Dead

Thank you again, Brandon for this wonderful honor and I shall strive everyday henceforth to earn this award!


  1. You're welcome, Matt. You always produce high quality content, and sporadic postings - particularly when the real world intrudes upon one's time to commit to one's site - is entirely understandable. I hope things in the real world are looking up for you. At the very least, you should get a few months reprieve before the next snowstorm now. lol Keep up the good work!

  2. I thank you very kindly sir! Things ARE looking up here in the real world and I'm hoping that I can ramp up the posts on here. In a perfect world there would be content being produced everyday.....and while I may be a ways off from getting to that point, you can be sure that there will definitely be lots more content coming down the pike along with some exciting projects, which I'll hopefully be able to announce soon!

    As far as the snowstorm....they're threatening us with one more tomorrow night before spring finally decides to show it's lousy face!