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The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh - Angels are Creepy!

The Last Will and Testament of Roaslind Leigh
Directed by  Rodrigo Gudiño
Written by  Rodrigo Gudiño
Starring Aaron Poole, Vanessa Redgrave & Julian Richings

Not Rated - Approx.  82 min.

Tag Lines
Faith Is Fragile

Alternate Titles:

I have been looking forward to seeing this film ever since it was first announced.  I was a big fan of  Rodrigo Gudiño's short films and was quite eager to see what he could do with a feature film.  On the whole, I was quite happy with the film, but it was not without it's issues.  For me anyway.

Lookit!  The Weeping Angels come in a hand held size!  Where is Dr. Who when you need him?

This actually gave me the chills....I've heard this saying before....though I can't remember where.

The film follows a guy named Leon who moves into his deceased mother's house and starts to experience a myriad of strange happenings.  We learn that Leon's mother was involved with a cult of Angel worshippers.  Now I"m not talking you're typical evangelical fanatics, I'm talking like freaky deaky cults.  The kind that they have specials about on The History Channel.  It's possible this cult may have had something to do with his father's death....but it's not clear.

While putting some stuff in the basement, he finds a statue of an angel that his mother used to test/torture him with.  She would light candles around the statue and ask him if he believed in God.  Every time he said "No" she would blow out a candle.  She told him that if all three candles went out, the angel would turn her back on him and wouldn't protect him any more.  Real nice, eh?

Man, I thought people with porcelain dolls were bad....but all the damn statues......

What the hell is THAT?!?!?

I'm sure you've already figured out what happens......statue starts to move by itself.  You never see it's more like The Weeping Angel's from Dr. Who.  The odd occurrences continue and escalate and Leon finds himself stalked by a shadowy being that is absolutely disturbing.  What does it all mean?  Well, that's the crux of it.....I have no idea.  The film is a bit up in the air, with an ending that will especially leave you scratching your head.  Does that mean it's bad?  Hell no!  It's a great film with some absolutely creeptastic's just.....ya ending that made a little more sense would have been nice!

Midnite Cinephile Tally

Death Toll:  No one actually dies on screen.  There are deaths that are discussed and implied, but no one actually kicks the bucket in front of us.  Oh well!

Nude-O-Meter:  Sorry amigo, thwarted again.

Things That Go Bump In The Night:  FUCKING EVERYTHING GOES BUMP IN THE NIGHT!  Jesus, I swear I've never seen a movie where every shot gave you the willies.  The house itself is a disturbingly beautiful domicile that I doubt I would spend more than two seconds in by myself.  Besides the fact that Leon is in the creepiest house ever, you've got semi-sentient angel statues, black shadow beasts, possibly his mother's ghost, something unseen growling (is it the shadowbeast?  Fucked if I know, dude!).  There's plenty here to keep your hairs standing on end.

Final Thoughts
I was one hundred and fifty percent into this movie until the last five or so minutes.  I then descended into a pit of confusion and head scratching.  Does it ruin the movie as a whole?  No....but it does kinda kill any kind of after effect the movie would have because you'll be too busy trying to figure out just what the hell happened.  Still well worth a watch if you're into haunted house or theological horror.  Or both.

Final Rating
Four out of Five Pizza Rolls

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