Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Short Film: House Call - Sometimes Dark Secrets Come Home

In the grand tradition of EC Comic's Tales From The Crypt comes a new short horror film from Chicago based filmmaker, Erik L. Wilson.

Steve moves in with his girlfriend Janice after her jack ass husband dies in a "freak accident".  Things are all nice and cozy for a bit, but we all know that things won't stay that way for long as they happy couple are besieged by strange activity.  I don't want to ruin the film for anyone who may catch it in the festival circuit, so I will not divulge the exact nature of the paranormal assault.

What I WILL tell you is that this is a very well made film.  The lighting is a tad dark, but I don't count that as a negative.  To me, this film has a great 80's vibe to it, while infusing it with the essence of more modern horror fare.  The music by a band called Our Flaw Remains, while perhaps not my exact cup of tea, fit the film quite well, I thought.  You can listen to three tracks by the band on the films Facebook Page.

I enjoyed the film quite a bit and I would like to see what Mr. Wilson could do if someone gave him a budget to work with!

Check out the film's trailer here:

I got a chance to ask a few questions of Erik concerning him, his film and what's next....read on!

Is this your first film?
Nope. Counting student films it’s my seventh narrative short.

How did you get into film-making?
Went to film school at Columbia College Chicago from 2002 to 2005.

What were your inspirations in making this film?
To sell a feature horror script I wrote in 2007 called "Unresolved" and to show I can shoot horror. Plus always wanted to shoot a horror film. I made one in film school on black & white reversal, silent film for production class. HOUSE CALL is inspired by that student film, technically, my first horror film. HOUSE CALL is my first professionally made horror film.

Are you a horror fan?

Are you interested in making films specifically in the horror genre, or have you made/are you planning to make films in other genres?
Definitely want to make more horror films. Also other genres as well. I’ve done drama and comedy before. Right now I am starting post production on a dark comedy short I shot in 2009.

How long did film take to complete?
A little over two years of post production. Shot HOUSE CALL in June 2009. I am sole financier. Everything came out of pocket thus the long amount of time. It's cool though because I must have everything done professionally no matter the cost. I'm not a lazy filmmaker.

How much did the film cost you to complete?
Still spending but production alone was around $6,500. 

What's next for you?
Promote “House Call” online and through the film festival circuit. Also, finish my other short film. Most importantly, get representation and/or get my horror feature “Unresolved” optioned or bought.

There you have it kiddies.  Find your way to film-fests and check out House Call.  Support indie films and support outstanding film makers like Erik.

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