Articles and Ephemera

Aliens....They Scare The Crap Out Of Me!
An Interview With Chris Alexander - The Man Behind Blood For Irina
Another Year Dies...RIP 2013
April Issue of Rue Morgue
And It Begins....Ho Ho Ho!
A Nightmare on Easter Sunday
A Personal Message To My Readers 
A Touch Of Crimson On A Few Acres Of Snow Trailer & Poster
Attack of the Video Clips


Battle Beasts!!!
Beware The Slender Man
Beyond Your WILDER Space Fantasies
Bruce Campbell Confirms Army Of Darkness 2


Childhood Nightmares
Childhood Trauma Flashbacks Part I: TV Show Theme Songs
Childhood Trauma Flashbacks Part II: VHS Cover Art
Childhood Trauma Flashbacks Part III: We Are Abandoned
Childhood Trauma Flashbacks Part IV: Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark
Childhood Trauma Flashbacks Part V: Weekly World News
Childhood Trauma Flashbacks Part VI: Prime Time Scares
Coming Soon From Warlock Home Video - Dingleberries
Corey Haim R.I.P
Creepy Alien & UFO Videos


Dark Holiday by JB Murray
Dawn Of The Midnight Cinephile
Death is a Smiley Face
Dracula 3D Trailer


Entity (2013) Interview With Cast And Writer


Fangoria's 300th Issue!
Fangoria Issue #1
Fangoria Issue #306 Sneak Peek
Fangoria Poster #3
Fangoria Poster #4
Fangoria Poster #5
Fangoria Posters
Fangoria Poster: Scream Greats #1
Fangoria Poster: Scream Greats #11
Fangoria Posters: Scream Greats #14
Fangoria Posters: Scream Greats #16
Fangoria Posters: Scream Greats #17
Fat Kid Massacre
Father's Day DVD Artwork
Father's Day Packaging Review
Fearful Fiction Reviews: The Alchemist - H.P. Lovecraft
Fix The Evans City Chapel
Freddy's Back!
From The Swamp To The Stars: Two Hidden Gems of the VHS Era


Get A Double Dose of Debbie Rochon
Get Your Burn On, With Chemical Burn Entertainment
Godzilla Attacks Worcester!
Godzilla (2014) Teaser Trailer
Go Go Godzilla! A look back at Big G's Films!
Gross Out Toys of the 80's: Garbage Pail Kids


Hallowmas Has Come And Gone
Halloween Theatrical Re-Release For 2012
Halloween TV Schedule
He's Back....And Rocking Out With His Bad Self!
Horror of Weird Al Yankovic
Horror Packs 2 - Support Charity While Getting Your Horror Groove On!


Inside The Mind And Films Of Jeremiah Kipp
In The Dark - The Return of the Horror Anthology


Jones Halloween Soda - Hitting Your Taste Buds With A Dose of Nostalgia


Kaiju Week!!!!!!
Killer Schoolgirls From Outer Space Preview
Krite Easter Egg Hunt....Of DOOOOM!


Ladies of the 80's - Action Figures
Lovecraftian Horrors in High Altitude
Lunchmeat Magazine Gets A Website!


Making the Impossible Possible with Ginnungagap Filmwerks
Merry October - Eat, Drink And Be Scary
Midnight Cinephile Creeps Onto Facebook
Midnight Cinephile's Favorite Scenes - Episode I - Ghostbusters!
Midnight Cinephile's Favorite Scenes: Episode II - Halloween III
Midnight Cinephile's Guide To Paranormal Televison
Midnight Cinephile's Halloween Extravaganza
Midnight Cinephile's Halloween Movie Primer - AMC's Fearfest 2012
Midnight Cinephile's Halloween Movie Primer - Turner Classic Movies 2012
Midnight Cinephile's Halloween Movie Primer - Syfy Channel's 31 Days of Halloween 2012
Midnight Cinephile Is About To Ruin Your Childhood Forever!  

Midnight Cinephile's SECOND award: The Liebster Award!
Midnight Cinephile Takes Home It's THIRD AWARD - The Versatile Blogger Award!  
Midnight Cinephile's Tome of Monsters
MST3K Turkey Day Marathon!!!!  
Midnight Snacking: Doritos Late Night - All Nighter Cheeseburger
Mija Lou - Beauty In The Darkness
Mija Lou - Tease Of Things To Come
Mija Lou - Interview and New Photos
Mija Lou's New Blog
Mondo Cabin In The Woods Poster
Movie Sequels: Roman Numerals vs Natural Numbers
Must Be The Season Of The Witch


Neon Maniac's Friday Midnite Madness
New Artwork From Chris West
New Name, New Content, New Everything!
New Wave Theater Episode #1
No Apocalypse In Sight...So Uh-Oh Let's Go Retro!
Nobody's Children - Defending The Undefendable


Of Witches, Devils, Cannibals and Ghosts
One Man's Journey From Fangoria Reader To Contributor
One Minute Weird Tales


Paranormal Activity 4 Trailer
Prank Caller by Ken Streobel
Prometheus Teaser Trailer
Prometheus International Trailer



Real Life Is Far More Frightening Than Film
Reptillicus Trailer
Return To The Class of Nuke 'Em High Radioactive Teaser
Robocop Remake (2014)
Rondo Awards 2013


Sci-Fi Channel's Super-Nova Movie Explosion
Simon Pegg Has A Fantastic Fear of Everything
Sinister Trailer
Six Great Campfire Tales 
Sixty-six Years of Roswell And Our Favorite Alien Flicks
Slime Beast, The
Spend the Holidays with Debbie Rochon
Spiders 3D Trailer
Stranger Than Fiction - Unsettling Real Life Occurrences: Part I - Broadcast Piracy


Tape Mold #1
Tape Mold Returns!
That's Entertainment - Worcester's Home Of The Kaiju
The Problem With Horror Elitists And Self Appointed Critics or, Roger Ebert Would Be Ashamed Of You!
The Resurrection of the Midnight Cinephile Podcast
The Slow And Painful Death of Tobonga The Toshiba
The Sun Shines At Midnight
The Thing 2011 Poster
The Thing 2011 Trailer
TNT's MonsterVision Bumpers
Top Ten Goofy Looking Aliens


Unexpected Horrors - Part I
Unexpected Horrors: Part II
Unexpected Horrors - Part III
Unexpected Horrors - Part IV
Unexpected Horrors Part V: Jim Henson - Nightmare Maker


Vampires vs. Leprechauns Preview
Vestron Dynasty
Vicious Vignettes - Aisles of Doom
Vicious Vignettes - The Thing What Lurked In The Tub


Welcome To The Shadowlands - An Interview with Andrew Parietti
Westlawn Film's Halloween Pitch
What The Hell Happened?




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