Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Far From Home - Trailer Park Psycho's In Love

Far From Home
D: Meiert Avis
W: Theodore Gershuny , Tommy Lee Wallace 

S: Matt Frewer, Drew Barrymore, Richard Masur 

 - There is no one you can trust...least of all the one who loves you.
 - Growing up can be murder.
 - One boy wants her love. One boy wants her dead.

 - On the other side of innocence lies fear.

Alternate Titles:
Germany - Lolita Kill
West Germany -Wilder Sand
Finland - Nightmare in the Desert
France - Bad Meetings
Greece - Seduction and Rape
Hungary - Desert Serial Killer

"My first and last night in Banco, Nevada....probably the shittiest place in the whole world."

It wasn't a very good day yesterday.  Nothing terrible happened, really, it just wasn't my day.  So after the Mrs. turned in for the night I decided that I'd settle in with some cocktails and catch up on some of my DVR.  After watching a couple episodes of Freddy's Nightmares (thanks to the El Rey Network!) I came across this flick, which I had completely forgotten that I recorded a while back.  What a pleasant surprise!

First off, what a great cast!  Drew Barrymore!  Matt (Max Headroom) Frewer, Richard (The Thing) Masur, Susan (Big Top Pee-Wee) Tyrell, Dick (Gremlins) Miller & Jennifer (Bride of Chucky) Tilly just to name some!  I mean, come on, that's pretty damn good!

Joleen (Barrymore) and her father Charlie (Frewer) are returning home to Los Angeles after a cross country vacation.  They run out of gas and end up stranded in the small desert trailer park town of Banco, Nevada.  Seems the gas delivery truck is running late and nobody in town has any gas to spare or sell.  Duckett (Masur) is the eccentric, but helpful gas station/repairman who is anti-government and no longer worships the mighty dollar, helping people simply because it's the right thing to do.

Chalie rents a trailer for the night and that's when things start going south.  Joleen meets Jimmy, who is a rather intensely angsty teen (played by Andras Jones...who played Rick in Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master!  Man this flick is full of peeps!) who clearly is interested (probably a bit TOO) in her.  Jimmy has one hell of an attitude problem, which of course 14 year old Joleen finds attractive.

After settling in and going for a swim in the surprisingly clean trailer park swimming pool, Joleen meets another boy named Pinky who seems to be the complete opposite of Jimmy.
Ooh, rival action for Joleen's affection!

That night Jimmy's mother is murdered via an electric fan in her bathtub.  Jimmy (being a complete dick) is of course our prime suspect.  The next day, Jimmy takes Joleen to a car junk yard and then swimming in a pond where he tries to rape her.  Pinky comes to the rescue however and they hide out in an old abandoned apartment building that Pinky uses as his hideout.

I'm not going to go any further into the plot because I'm not a spoiling kinda guy.  There are more murders, however and it becomes evident that there is a psychopathic killer loose in the park and no one is safe.  I was quite surprised by the film and enjoyed it quite a bit.  It's a tight little thriller with a  heck of a cast, so check it out!

There's a little bit of blood here and there, but not a whole lot.

There's a little bit of T&A on display during a raunchy little sex scene between two trailer park residents as Joleen is looking through their window.

One psychotic killer on the loose!

I really don't know how this one managed to slip by me because this definitely looked like something that my sister and I would have rented back in the day....or would have seen on HBO late at night.  At any rate, it's a great flick with a great cast.

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