Monday, May 4, 2015

Midnight Cinephile Episode V: The Cinephile Strikes Back

Okay, so this episode has nothing to do with Star Wars, but's Episode V....when am I going to be able to use that again?

At long last Midnight Cinephile Episode V is upon us.  As I mentioned last week when I put up episode 4.5, we've been making some tweeks and adjustments and playing a bit with the format.  I think you're gonna dig what we've come up with so far.

In this episode two new segments make their debut:

Pixilated Horrors:
Taking a look at horror in gaming.  Could be any console...could be PC....but each week we'll take a look at a spooky little bit of gaming goodness.
This week, I take a look back at an obscure game for the NES called Monster Party.  It's a fun little romp with lots of zany monsters and a ton of fun.

Monster Mag Time Warp:
Each episode I take a look at a monster/horror mag from the past and review it's contents.
This week I take a look at Fangoria #12...the April/May issue from 1981!  We read Bob Martin's editorial regarding the gore in the magazine as well as take a look at some "Upcoming Movies" reported in the "Monster Invasion" segment.  Don't miss it!

On top of these two segments, of course is the meat 'n' potatoes of the mag.....where we talk film!  I'm joined this week by my lovely wife as we discuss The Babadook, From A Whisper To A Scream, Cellar Dweller and Lucio Fulci's The Beyond.

Like candy for the ears!  You can listen here online or follow any of the following download links!

Stay Spooky!

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  1. This was an epic podcast, Matt. I listened to it during my commute to work for three straight days. I particularly enjoyed Monster Mag Time Warp. Old news is interesting news. It's amusing to me now how concerned readers were about the violent content back then. If only I had a time machine and a movie like maybe Martyrs. Drop that on the hand wringers back in the day and they'd probably just fold up and die. It also always tickles me to read old press releases about movies that ultimately never happened. Well done.

  2. Thanks Brandon! Glad you liked it! There's going to be plenty more where that came from. We're on a short hiatus while we move out of the country and back to city life now that everything has calmed down. Once we're all moved in, Podcasts will resume on a weekly basis! There's going to be video content coming down the pike as well!

    One of my favorite things to do is run through old issues of horror and monster mags and read old press releases and blurbs about films that are in production that ultimately got shut down. There's some truly interesting stuff that I find that I wish had made it!