Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Resurrection of the Midnight Cinephile Podcast

October 1st is finally upon us.

The Halloween Season is now in full swing.  The trees are a bright hue of autumnal colors and every store is stocked full of Halloween treats, goodies & decorations.  For me, this is the most magical time of year.  Anything can happen on Halloween.....or so says Tim Curry.

I'm elated to announce that Midnight Cinephile is now back up and running at full speed and will be better than ever.  You can expect MORE content and a wider variety of content as well.  I've got several projects in the pipeline that I will not be announcing just as of yet.

However, I am beyond excited to announce the return of The Midnight Cinephile Podcast.  Both myself and Travis Love will be returning as your ghost hosts.  In addition each episode we will share the mic with a special guest.

Our first episode is set to drop on October 13th (fittingly enough!)  Our special guest is my good friend Doc Terror.  I'm so excited about it that I've created a promotional MP3 for your enjoyment.

Until then,



  1. I'm looking forward to the resurrection of the podcast! That promo makes it sound pretty spectacular. You've been on a tear the last few days! Glad you could join in on Pre'Ween this year. You're keeping me on my toes with link updates. lol Reminder if you're up for it - we're watching Invasion Of The Bee Girls on Saturday, October 4th at 9:30 for the Virtual Drive-In this month.

  2. Thanks man! I hope that you'll come on as a guest when we're up and running! I'm shooting for a bi-weekly podcast! I'm having a blast with Pre'Ween and I thank you for the invite. I wish I could watch Invasion of the Bee Girls with ya, but I am going to be in Salem, MA on Saturday doing a haunted pub crawl! There will definitely be a report on that!