Friday, December 16, 2011

Spend the Holidays with Debbie Rochon

Tired of the same old boring Christmas gifts?  Looking for something different for the horror fanatic in your life?  Or maybe your looking to treat yourself to a little holiday goodness?  Well look no further!

The lovely Debbie Rochon is offering up some gifts that are sure to get your Yule Log nice 'n' hot!

Debbie's Xmas Combo Pack includes:

A very rare copy of Scream Queens Illustrated, autographed by Debbie

An OOP copy of Cracked Magazine, featuring The Toxic Avenger!  Also autographed!

A set of Debbie trading cards from the movie Santa Claws!!!  I have no images of these cards but you can see a preview (sorta) of them in the link to order at the end of the post.

And finally you'll get a Santa's Cap signed by Debbie!

That's a lot of Debbie for only $24.95!!!!!

Order your Christmas Combo RIGHT HERE!!!!