Monday, April 12, 2010

Zombie In My Pocket

Hey kids, it's your friendly Wizard here, and I wanna tell you about a great solitaire game that I like to play every now and then.  The name of the game is Zombie in my Pocket and it's a fantastic game from Jeremiah Lee.  It's a quick, addictive game that can be played in anywhere from about 5 - 15 minutes (Depending on your luck!)

You are in a house besieged by zombies!  You must locate the Evil Zombie Totem, which is located in the Evil Temple which is somewhere in the house.  Once you have located the Zombie Totem, you must bury it in the backyard cemetery before the stroke of midnight!  Fail, and zombies will take over the neighborhood and then the world!  Mwaaaa-huaaa-huaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

The game is a tile placement/modular gameboard style game.  By flipping over facedown tiles, you create the layout of the house as you move along, creating a new layout every time you play.  The same goes for the outdoor tiles.  I've played this game countless times and I can't say that I've ever had quite the same outcome!
The zombies and all events are dictated by a series of event cards.  You start off at 9pm, in the main foyer of the house.  Every turn you flip over a new Event Card, which will tell you if you found an item (chainsaw, crowbar, gasoline......bones of a deceased relative...), attacked by zombies or other various happenings.  After each event card has been drawn, the player reshuffles the deck and the time now becomes 10pm...and so forth.  You must search the house, find the Zombie Totem and bury it all before Midnight. Should you fail, you lose.   Games can go by quite quickly (I've had games where I've discovered the Evil Temple right next to the foyer and the cemetery was right off the patio!) and I've had games that laster much longer (Evil Temple and Cemetery were both the last tiles of the respective piles).

This is a great way to spend a few ghastly minutes, packs extremely small (they don't call it Zombie In My Pocket for nuthin' ya know!) and can be played virtually anywhere you have a bit of a flat surface.  If you like to play games and don't always have a friend around to play with.....if you are tired of playing solitaire with a deck of cards.....if you just love zombies and wanna have a little owe it to yourself to check this game out!
Zombies In My Pocket is a free print and play game.  Go to the Zombie In My Pocket page at (just follow the link!) and you'll find everything you need to print out and play your game!  

Beware......the undead have risen from their graves.....and only you can stop them!


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  1. Great, glad you like the game. Thanks for the review.